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Tahiti Tourism Certified Expert, Renee Sanders

Posted on 08/07/2020


** December 10, 2021 - Renee Sanders Awarded TOP Specialist Certification by Tahiti Tourism North America

If you were planning the vacation of your lifetime, or perhaps your honeymoon and you wanted to go to an exotic island destination, wouldn’t you want your travel agent to have been there first? Wouldn’t you feel more confident with a travel agent who knew what the hotels are like? How to get around? Where to get a really great meal? What not to miss, and what not to waste your time on?

Of course you would. Especially if you had your heart set on the islands of Tahiti.

That’s why Renee Sanders of The Travel Connection took the time and effort to become a Tahiti Tiare Agent – a trained and certified specialist in Tahiti. Having personally traveled thru the islands more than a dozen times and counting, Renee knows the ins and outs of the islands, hotels, things to do, where to eat and how to get around. Renee is one of only a few specialists to hold the highest awarded level of expertise with the Tahiti Tourism Board.

“The Tahiti Tiare program is tough, but when you finish you really know the destination”, says Renee. “Many people have a life-long dream of going to the South Pacific, so they do a lot of research. But, when they go to book their trip, they discover that their travel agent doesn’t know the first thing about it”

The Tahiti Tiare program is an intensive training program that Tahiti’s National Tourist office offers to travel agents. Agents don’t get certified until they proceed thru the rigors of the program, including visiting Tahiti. They have to demonstrate that they can successfully put together and sell Tahiti vacations – annually.

Renee Sanders says that being a Tahiti Tiare agent has given her the ability to make people’s dreams come true. But it has also shown her how to identify clients for whom Tahiti might not be the ideal vacation spot. Says Sanders, “Tahiti is not for everybody. If somebody is looking for night-life or non-stop extreme sports, I gently recommend someplace else”.

But for travelers seeking a unique getaway to a place of heart stopping beauty, the islands of Tahiti are the place. “There is no more romantic place for a honeymoon or anniversary. But that’s not all. There are wonderful cruises throughout the islands. There’s also world class scuba diving and yachting. Many opportunities for family adventures, as well. And no matter what you do on your trip, you get to experience the genuine warmth of the Polynesian people. I’d say that’s one of the most remarkable things about the destination”.

To contact Renee Sanders, call The Travel Connection at (803) 584-4475 or email at

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