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Reconnect in the Islands of Tahiti

Posted on 10/27/2020

‘Ia ora na,

The Islands of Tahiti are open and Covid-19 prepared! Multiple direct flights from San Francisco and Los Angeles deliver passengers to this South Pacific paradise in 8 hours. Travelers who meet the entry requirements are welcomed to revive their senses in the many islands, from renewing romance in Bora Bora, exploring cultural sites in Tahiti, or roving by ATV among the pineapple fields of Moorea.

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Perfectly suited for meeting social distancing guidelines, accommodations in The Islands of Tahiti range from luxury overwater bungalows, Tahitian Guesthouses composed of only a few units, private villas and even private islands. Many accommodations feature individual overwater, garden, or beach bungalows, which offer excellent privacy.

Sailing catamarans and boutique cruise lines (less than 330 passengers) adhere to the highest safety standards and allow visitors a once-in-a-lifetime voyage to explore multiple islands.

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