Trip to Bora Bora

3 Days on Bora Bora

Posted on 09/23/2020

Bora Bora is one of the world’s most famous playgrounds and the perfect place to do everything or nothing at all.

Day 1: Circle The Island By Water

  • Jump on jetskis or waterskis and scoot along the smooth lagoon for an exhilarating ride.
  • Charter a powerboat and enjoy stops for snorkeling or a beach picnic.
  • Step foot on a powered canoe and tour the lagoonarium, play with rays, and discover dozens of snorkeling spots.
  • Take sail in a catamaran for a sunset cruise accompanied by local musicians and dancers.
  • End your day at one of the five-star resort restaurants.

Day 2: Circle The Island By Air

  • Climb onboard a helicopter for a breathtaking ride high above this neon-colored world.
  • Strap into a parasail for one or two and glide effortlessly above the lagoon or try kitesurfing.
  • Rent a car, a two person “fun car” or a bicycle for a ride along the flat roads.
  • Celebrate your adventures at one of the famous local restaurants.

Day 3: Circle The Island On Land, Shop And Beach Hop

  • 4×4 safari on hidden roads up to overlooks and historical sites.
  • Discover the dozens of shopping areas for art, handicrafts, pearls, and fragrant Tahitian oils.
  • Visit the artisan galleries and pick up your own Bora Bora original.
  • Spend the afternoon enjoying famous Matira Beach or the secluded beaches on one of the many islets surrounding Bora Bora.

In order to mitigate the risk of COVID-19 in Tahiti, all visitors are required to meet certain travel requirements for entry. Current requirements can be found at

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