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Traditional Czech Cuisine

Posted on 11/01/2018

The Czech cuisine is pretty substantial and includes may meat dishes. Very special and popular is the roasted duck, baked in the oven and served with sliced bread dumplings(knedlik in Czech) together with Sauerkraut(cabbage) or spinach. Roasted or smoked pork served with Sauerkraut and dumplings is also very common. Beef is the base of another two dishes that are sacred to Czechs: Svitchkova- slices of roast beef, served with sweet-sour creamy sauce and Goulash - originally from Hungary, but adapted well to the taste of the Czechs. It's brown sauce is rather spicy thanks to paprika and slices of raw onion. Both comes served with dumplings.

The dumplings are, however, a sophisticated issue. There is the bread dumpling, white and fluffy. The potato dumpling, which is rather yellowish and the base is similar to Italian gnocchi. Restaurants usually offer also the bacon dumplings, the tastiest, but the least healthy. If you are lucky, you are served samples of all three on one plate

If you are not into meat, there are more and more vegetarian options available. Besides the usual breaded cauliflower, breaded cheese - Smazheny Syr - is very typical and popular. It can be rather fat, but worth trying. Especially the Czech cheese Hermelin(similar to Camembert) has a special flavor. The portions are generous, but if you want to additionally try some typical soup to start, go for Garlic soup(light broth with pieces of potato, cheese or ham). Common are all kinds of broth with liver dumplings or tiny pasta. If you feel like eating soup as a main dish, you can opt for the Potato soup served in a bread bowl, or Goulash soup.

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