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The Travel Connection joins prestigious Affluent Traveler Collection

Posted on 08/07/2020



--Travel Agency Delivers Prestigious Excursions & Unparalleled Service Around the World.

June-2015 – Press Release -The Travel Connection LLC, based in South Carolina, has become an integral part of The Affluent Traveler Collection, an elite group of travel advisors who comprise one of the most knowledgeable networks of luxury travel specialists in the world today.

The dedicated consultants at The Travel Connection arrange unique travel experiences for discriminating travelers, sending them on new and exotic adventures in the most beautiful and hospitable places around the globe. They make personal recommendations drawing on their own experiences and established relationships with the crème de la crème of trusted travel companies.

In addition to their extensive knowledge and the personal expertise that the affluent traveler demands, the luxury travel advisors at The Travel Connection provide their clientele with exclusive upgrades and amenities, expanding the value they receive on their travel purchases. They also serve as the travelers’ advocate should they need further assistance during their excursions.

Because they belong to The Affluent Traveler Collection, The Travel Connection also shares The Affluent Traveler magazine with their clients. At more than 220 pages, this semi-annual, coffee-table quality magazine features lavish photos and engaging articles that inspire readers to daydream of spectacular adventures around the globe. Each listing provides an enticing description of a prestigious resort, city hotel, spa, cruise ship, destination, tour, or transportation option. From elite, jet-setting hot spots to serene, private hideaways, each article promises a unique experience for the most sophisticated traveler who always expects nothing less than superior service and the highest standards of excellence. Any of the travel experiences detailed in the magazine can be booked through The Travel Connection.

Renee Sanders, owner and lead consultant of The Travel Connection LLC commented about why they chose to join The Affluent Traveler Collection and the benefits to their customers: “The Travel Connection is in the best possible position to meet every need of the sophisticated traveler because The Affluent Traveler Collection provides us with the relationships, resources, technology and opportunities that we, in turn, pass along to our clientele. We have access to the world’s finest properties, cruise ships, tour itineraries, destinations, at price points that deliver great value. Shouldn’t you be enjoying ‘the good life,’ too?”

Renee Sanders, owner and lead consultant with The Travel Connection is an award-winning Destination Consultant, with renowned expertise in the islands of Tahiti, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, South America, Europe and the Caribbean. The Travel Connection LLC leads the way in hand-crafted itineraries and insider knowledge you can trust, crafting unique journeys and life-list adventures since 2007.

“We’re pleased to welcome The Travel Connection into The Affluent Traveler Collection,” said Rick Mazza, President & CEO of The Affluent Traveler Collection. “We’re very selective in our process of identifying and inviting luxury travel advisors to become part of our organization. They are among the very best travel consultants available today, and they are standing by ready to serve discriminating travelers with the personal touch that they expect and deserve. As you develop a relationship with Renee Sanders and the team at The Travel Connection LLC, may your travels enrich your life. Bon voyage!”

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