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Beautiful Bali!

Posted on 09/04/2020
The Best of Bali
Arriving in Bali can be overwhelming, to say the least. Upon exiting the airport, there is an immediate rush as a crowd of hundreds of drivers are looking for their customers. Making sure that you have a driver booked and a direct line of communication with them ahead of time can help tremendously. Make sure you know where they are standing, what they are wearing, and let them know a little bit about yourself so that you can be out of the confusing crowd as soon as possible.
When you step outside, there will be people that approach you that will very insistently offer to carry your luggage for you. Although it is a nice gesture, they do not always make it clear that they expect to be tipped at the end of their service. In order to decrease confusion and be most efficient, it is always easiest to travel as lightly as possible in Bali so that you can carry your luggage yourself and not have to worry about handling cash on the move.
The Seminyak Beach Clubs
Bali immediately brings images of luxurious beach clubs with drinks in coconuts and long, relaxing days. The infamous beach clubs can be an easy sell for people looking for a tropical, luxurious destination. However, they offer very little culture and adventure – something Bali has no shortage of! The clubs are a great option for relaxing on your last day on your way back down to the airport or maybe your first day on the island to acclimate yourself. Spending multiple days there will cost you far more money on food and drinks then you would spend in five days, and you will miss so many gems of the island!
Potato Head Beach Club
Ubud has all of the Eat, Pray, Love charm and more! The narrow stone streets are buzzing with scooters and packed with stalls filled with unique souvenirs. Taking time to walk the streets during the day and try your hand at bartering in the markets is a great time to scope out the best spots to eat. Asking your driver where their favorite spots to eat are is also a great tip. Let them know that you want something off of the touristy beat and they will point you in the right direction!
The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary
The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary is something that can only be experienced! The monkeys are everywhere. They are in the streets nearby, in the cafes begging for a spring roll, and walking next to you on the path. The best advice around the Sanctuary is to go at the end of the day right before they close, around the monkey’s meal times. This way, they are distracted by their dinner of potatoes and will be far less interested in you. This way, you avoid close encounters and can observe them from afar. Watch out while taking pictures, as sometimes they might want to get closer to you for the shot! The temple within the sanctuary is an incredible space to experience and appreciate the importance of the site to the Balinese.
Penida Island and Kelingking Beach
One of the best kept secrets is Penida Island. Many people go for the day to Crystal Bay or snorkel with the manta rays. If you are a SCUBA diver, Blue Corner Dive is an excellent spot to check off another certification in another corner of the world. If you were nervous about renting a scooter in Bali because of the traffic, the laid back, isolated vibe in Penida makes it the perfect place to try out your scooter skills – but beware of cliffs! Kelingking Beach is coined the “beach made famous by Instagram,” because of its picture-perfect views. You have the option to hike down to the beach or stay at the top for the views. If you hike down, make sure and account for the long walk back up. The crowds at the top will be massive, so plan accordingly to have time to navigate the crowds and take in the sights.

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