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Exploring Australia's Great Ocean Road - 4 Tips

Posted on 11/10/2020

Explore Australia's Great Ocean Road

Rent a car and drive it yourself – or don’t!

Renting your own car is a great way to see the Great Ocean Road at your own pace. It gives you the freedom to make as many stops as you would like, as well as pull onto as many overlooks along the road as you want. A rental also reduces the number of hassles associated with a large tour group and the lack of mobility. However, if you are not used to driving on the left side of the road and are not comfortable with your skills, maybe go for a guided tour. The cliffs are steep, and the curves are winding, making for a fun but difficult drive. Wrecks along the road are common, so only rent a car if you are confident in your abilities and will be able to drive distraction free. Be sure to research the rules and regulations on renting a car in Australia to ensure you will be able to upon your arrival.
Allow for at least a full day or more
The drive is longer than you would think from looking at a map, so you will need to allot at least a full day for the trip. Any less than a day would require a rushed drive and not sufficient time to make scenic stops along the way. A full day beginning early in the morning until late in the evening would be enough time in order to see the best portions of the Great Ocean road. Ideally, you would like to spend around three days on the GOR, stopping to stay as you make your way down.
Explore the towns along the way
Victoria has so much charm and a lot to see, but here are a few stops we made along the way.
Torquay is one of the first towns along the GOR and a pivotal town for surf culture as popular surf brands such as Rip Curl and Quicksilver were founded there.
Lorne is a great spot to stop off for lunch and stroll the beach. With a few charming cafés overlooking the ocean, the breeze and views can make for a charming pitstop and leg stretch. If you stop during low tide, you can walk along the rocky edge of the beach and search the tidal pools for sea creatures or let the children play on the playground.
Lorne, Victoria

Port Campbell is the closest town to the 12 Apostles and makes for a good stop towards the end of the day. Although there is not much there, we did have a coffee on the porch of a café and get lucky enough to spot a whale that ventured a little too close to shore.

Guided Tour

Many of the guided tours will take you down to the 12 Apostles and back swiftly in a day. However, you miss some of the best portions of the GOR. We recommend taking your time and exploring on your own after doing your own research in order to get the most tailored experience during your trip
What now?
Interested in exploring all the Great Ocean Road has to offer? Reach out and we would love to begin crafting your next adventure!

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