Sir Richard Branson Explains How He Does Cruising

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The whole cruise travel world is watching as flamboyant entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson launches 'rebellious luxe' Virgin Voyages.

BestTrip was there as the famous British lifestyles magnate shared his vision for shaking up the cruise industry and doing things differently… and his announcement of the latest 'first' for Virgin Voyages… and cruising.

One thing's for sure: this isn't your grandma's cruise. But just how different is Virgin Voyages? There have been a list of 'firsts' where Virgin Voyages is breaking new ground at sea. Will cruising the Richard Branson way change the way you cruise? Will it change cruising for everyone?  

Sir Richard is pretty confident there are a lot of people who will want to cruise the 'Virgin Voyages' way, inspired by music festivals, private yacht and catamaran parties, chic beach resorts like South Beach and Ibiza, and the latest trends in urban lifestyle:

  • No kids
  • No added fees for tips, wifi, or dining
  • No required dress up
  • No main dining room
  • No broadway shows
  • No single use plastic

Instead you'll find:

  • Festival atmosphere with famous guest DJ's, nightclubs, beds that convert to party lounges in your stateroom
  • An open catamaran net lounge
  • 20+ dining experiences, inspired by urban dining trends
  • Re-imagined wellness plus included group fitness
  • Private beach club with DJ pool parties, late night departures after beach bonfires die down
  • Short mini cruises when you want to escape for a long weekend and party with new friends
  • Waste matter and heat converted to clean, useable energy
  • A commitment to ocean sustainability
Watch Sir Richard explain his vision and his priorities for Virgin Voyages when it launches its inaugural Caribbean season in Spring, 2020.

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